Stage Hypnotist – Comedy Hypnosis Shows Featuring Dr. Steven Michaels

Stage HypnotistClose your eyes and open your mind to the most unique talent you will ever see live! Comedy hypnotist Dr. Steven Michaels… where you become the star.. or chicken.. or martian…..

You may have seen Steven with Whoopie Goldberg, Mick Jagger, Johnny Cash, on N.B.C., C.B.S., the Disney Channel and M.T.V.. Steven has also been featured in the Warner Brothers Movies “Her Alibi” and “You’ve Got Mail”.

Comedy Hypnotist Dr. Steven Michaels Presents a high-energy, unique comedy hypnosis show which includes comedy, audience participation, and can be designed for all ages and audiences. As seen at many of his engagements, wherever you are in the room you may be hypnotized.

Dr. Steven has been performing as a stage entertainer in all types of theatrical performances since he was 8 years old and when you combine that knowledge with his 20+ years as a performing Certified Stage Hypnotist, you create the finest, most theatrical stage show you can see.

You will be amazed at the things you think you smell, astounded at the things you see, and be in wonderment at the things you feel.

It’s time to experience Steven Michaels Hypnosis…THE ULTIMATE ILLUSION OF THE MIND!”

Stage Hypnotist in ActionCertified Hypnotist Dr. Steven Michaels shows will have you laughing in the aisles. You will be amazed when members of the audience speak like chickens, Think they are from Mars, fall madly in love with the person next to them, Smell bad odors and more. This REAL demonstration is performed by CERTIFIED Stage Hypnotist Dr. Steven Michaels, Using his background of Psychology, Theater and Comedy Steven is able to give you the best performance you will ever see.

Promotional material and posters available to promote your event. Agents are welcome to book dates.

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